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Jean-Claude Legagneur

b. 1947

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An artist with an early calling, Legagneur travelled to the United States and worked with renowned Haitian painters such as Bernard Wah, Raphael Denis, Davertige, and Luckner Lazard.  In 1975 he settled in Haiti and took part in the School of Beauty along with Jean-Rene Jerome and Bernard Sejourne.  


Sincerity and sensitivity are the prominent features of Jean-Claude Legagneur, who feels the need to paint relentlessly.  From 1968 to 1985 he exhibited in Haiti, the United States, Canada, France, Surinam and the West Indies.


Nadal, Marie-Jose, and Gerald Bloncourt.

La Peinture Haitienne.  Paris:  Editions Nathan, 1986

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