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Nehemy Jean


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Nehemy Jean, born in 1931 in Limbe, studied at Beaubrun Adrouin College and the Lycée Alexander Petion before joining the Centre d'Art in 1947 under the auspices of Dieudonne Cedor.   He left the Centre in 1950 with the group of 50 artists who seceded to form the Foyer des Artes Plastiques.  He then studied in New York and returned to Haiti to help open the Brochette Gallery.  He also studied in Brazil and eventually opened his own gallery, L'Atelier.  


He lived in Port-au-Prince, where his murals adorn the walls of Mais Gate International Airport, as well as those of the Hotel El Rancho.  


Danticat, Edwige, and Jonathan Demme.  Island on Fire.  New York:  Kaliko Press, 1995

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